Language Interface Service – Types

Two types of services are available for the Language Interface Service, and options can be selected for each service type.

In the On Demand Interpretation Service, verbal communication between the client and the client’s customer is interpreted over the telephone. The communication complexity assumed is daily conversation level. Extensive use of special industry language and complicated discussions such as contract negotiations are not in scope. The client can request interpretation sessions in advance, in 15 minute increments, and initiate the interpretations at the schduled time. This service is useful in verbally answering the questions of potential buyers and providing post-purchase assistance to users. The client is requested to pre-register with Blue Trading to use this service.

The second type of language interface service is the Translation Service, which translates materials as requested by the client. General topic emails, business emails, and various documents can can be specified. The client is requested to pre-register with Blue Trading to use some of the options in this service.

These services are delivered at standard, market prices, and the total price varies by the job requirements. Some of the requirements that affect the total price are the amount of text and the type of material. The source material type dictates the level and type of expertise necessary for the worker. For example, marketing documents demand language nuance accuracy, so native language fluency is required. For industry specific articles, knowledge of the business area may be important.

Generally, a typical translation project with length equivalent to a standard Japanese manuscript page ranges from 2000 to 4000 JPY. For a quote on the service package price for your specific needs, please contact us by email, or through the Contact form on this website.