Language interface service

In the language interface service, the client’s documents and communication content are converted from Japanese to English and from English to Japanese.

Only a small percentage of the global population, approximately 1.7%, understands Japanese, and the limited comprehension restricts the reachable market. In this service, client information such as pamphlets and web sites are converted to other languages to increase the market size that can be targeted. For example, depending on how English speakers are counted, the addressable population size can increase from 4 to 10 times.

Additionally, communication content between the client company representatives and its customers who speak foreign languages is translated. The function assists the client company in verbal and written communication with minimal delay. The support aids the client in voicing the benefits of the merchandise to the potential buyers and also in resolving problems that may arise after the products are purchased.

Through expansion of global reach, the service enhances the business potential of companies with globally competitive products and services.






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