Advertisement Creation Service – Engagement

Several types of advertisements can be delivered in the Advertisement Creation Service. The advertisement types have different purposes that will induce the reader to make the purchase in the end. In this service, the best mix of advertisement articles to promote the client’s products/services will be proposed to meet the client’s plan and objectives.

In the beginning, our representatives and the client will discuss the purpose of the advertisement campaign and the desired outputs. Our representatives will then design an advertisement package consisting of customized articles with underlying messages. Depending on the client’s needs, new formats may be developed for the articles, or standard structures may be used. In either case, the content will be unique for the client. The package will be discussed with the client and revised until both parties agree on the content and the delivery conditions. Subsequently, work is presented at the selected timing.

The content of the advertisements depends very much on the merchandise and the cooperation of the product/service manufacturer. Usually, more cooperation leads to more customized advertisements with stronger messages.

The total price of the advertisement service depends on the mix of article types used and the length of the content. For a quote on the service package to optimally promote your product and services, please contact us by email, or through the Contact form on this website.