Project Management Service – Types

Project management can be performed with varying degrees of involvement. Assuming that the client already has a project, the normal form of engagement is project management assistance, or facilitation of progress. In facilitation, the project schedule is monitored and reports are generated for the management and the leaders to assist them in making decisions. This type of project involvement is defined by project duration and outputs, which are agreed with the client at the start of the engagement.

When the project is experiencing problems and a speedy resolution is in demand, the form of engagement becomes problem finding and correction. The problems and their causes are traced upstream until a controllable set of parameters are identified to resolve the issues in the best way in the given circumstances. This type of project involvement is defined by the problem and the prioritized requirements for the solution.

The total price of the project management service depends on the project definition and can vary widely. For a quote on the customized service for your needs, please contact us by email, or through the Contact form on this website.